In-house consultants for your blockchain project

“The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.” – Oren Harari

Human Ressources management is never easy when linked to innovation related profiles. You need to redesign the teams,

It is a real challenge to identify, evaluate, manage and retain high level experts active in highly demanded sectors like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. is active in blockchain recruitment. We have gathered a database of blockchain experts and we propose in-house consultancy services. We offer the full flexibility for your project, from the concept and strategic phases to the development, implementation and analytics. Your team, ressources and budget become more scalable, avoiding highly skilled people on the bench when redesigning another phase of your development.

Our offices are located in Brussels Belgium, but we have a network of international profiles.

Contact us for more details and daily rates :

  • Blockchain strategy and implementation experts
  • Blockchain project managers
  • Blockchain developpers
  • Marketing and communication experts
  • Testers